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Expanding your business operations outside your borders can be an exciting venture, opening new possibilities of growth for your business. Likewise, engaging in joint venture operations with a foreign business can also provide new avenues of growth. With today’s technology you can collaborate with teams from all over the world. Not to mention, on a personal level, visiting and experience new countries, meeting new people from faraway places can be personally enriching. And can also be very frustrating as well. We are indeed one world when it comes to business but in all other ways we are couldn’t be more different. One of the biggest challenges of doing business operations abroad is the constant cultural frictions encountered daily. See, our culture drives our daily actions, determines what we expect out of work what we expect from good leadership, our long-term or short-term outlook, whether we are strong team players or prefer to compete individually, what is expected for good manners – and bad manners, even our very perception of the world is driven by our culture. When people from two or more cultures get together, these differences get exacerbated, tensions rise, and all too often people involved simply dismiss those from other cultures as “rude”, “lazy”, “uptight” and so on. Business is replete with examples of failures from expanding abroad, or partnering up with foreign firms that completely broke down, all stemming from cross-cultural conflicts. Cultural differences can present a huge barrier for success in international operations, Walmart, one of the most successful companies in the United States, and is enjoying great success in China and Brazil, failed in four countries (Germany, Russia, South Korea, and recently India), all due to breakdowns caused by lack of cultural understanding of those four countries. Don’t allow cultural misunderstandings and lack of cultural knowledge cause a failure for your business. Global Business Approach Inc. offers training that provides a foundational understanding of what culture is, why it is important, cultural motivators, and expands into cultural dimensions and how they influence those who are part of that culture. This will prepare your company leaders, managers, and employees for working abroad and with foreign colleagues by giving the cultural toolbox to understand not only what cultural differences are, but how to conduct their business operations more in line with the cultures they are working with. If requested, Global Business Approach Inc. will include country specific in the training curricula. It is a strong competitive environment out there let Global Business Approach Inc. give your company an edge.